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I’m crazy for compotes too…

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Earlier last week Martha Stewart Bride’s Guide posted a “Crazy for Compotes” blog post. Well, I’m crazy for compotes too. So crazy that I have created compote designs for 80% of my wedding clients this year, social and a few corporate ones too. Compotes elevate a floral design and it’s a great way to use cut glass, milk glass, grandma’s vintage pieces and maybe a few plastic pieces too that look like the real ceramic.

Here are a few of my favorite designs that will be making a debut at a wedding this summer and fall.


White Zinnias, White dahlias, privet berrie leaves, privet berries, white astarantia, queen anne’s lace in a white milk glass compote

Yellow zinnias, olive leaves, white wax flowers, queen anne’s lace, orange aslepia, astilbe and grass on a white milk glass compote

This is one of our designs for an upcoming fall wedding, orange unique roses, scabiosa pods, orange ranunculus, fall foliage, orange spray roses, red hypericim berries and seeded eucalyptus on a footed black compote.

But guess what? I have some friends… actually some Chapel Designers who are crazy about compotes too. Isha Foss, from Isha Foss Events had the idea that we all shared our compote designs today. So here are some sites you should also visit for added inspiration today! Just click on the company names below to see some beautiful designs.

Isha Foss Events

Alluring Blooms

Floral Verde LLC 

Flirty Fleurs

Celebration Florals

Holly Heider Chapple Flowers


Petals & Hedges

Bare Root Flora

Loda Floral Design

True Florette Floral Design

Courtenay Lambert Florals

Grapevine Floral Company 

Modern Day Floral 

Sebestia Designs 

Walking thru the NYC Floral Market

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Just as the song says New York, concrete jungle were dreams are made of….last week for me it was flowers. There is no flower you cannot get here. Camellias, white tweedia (every time I ask for it from my local wholesaler they either laugh hysterically or dismiss me like I have two heads), blush ranunculus, bi color peony tulips, flannel flowers or even micro roses.

Learned a couple of things while I was there. Although the floral market in NYC gets product every day, the biggest shipments arrive on Mondays and Wednesdays. Mondays to fill up retail florists stock and Wednesdays to fill requests from designers.

Here are some of the pretty things I found…

Blush Ranunculus

Peony Tulips

Garden Roses

Gloriosa Lilies


Green Ranunculus

Orange Ranunculus

Purple Roses

Bridal Piano Roses

Tulips in every color

Flannel Flowers

Last but not least I got to put a face with the voice at Harvest Wholesale. I finally got to meet Niv! He actually also makes a mean cup of coffee. The running joke in the group was that I would go to Niv’s for breakfast. Niv, Starbucks needs to call you, their coffee in NYC sucks.


Liz Rusnac from Fleurology and Morgan Walker from Petal and Hedges standing next to a tall stack of cherry blossoms Branches outside Associated Cut Flower.

On the blog tomorrow: Taking floral design classes with the one and only… Ariella Chezar

The New York City Flower Market

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Also known to me… as the new floral heaven on earth.

We met David Beahm and his lead designer Jeremy (who were the most knowledgeable and nicest men ever! ) at the floral market for a tour of the who’s who of good product at the NYC Floral Market. I’m going to let a lot of the pictures speak for themselves. I’ve never seen such quality of floral product (anemones in the most vibrant colors), different varieties, flowers that I would never be able to get in Chicago because the florist designers here wouldn’t request it for their designs, plus a rose wholesaler who carries the most amazing and beautiful roses from south america. The varieties and colors were absolutely stunning!

I’ve always looked at Martha Stewart Magazines in awe as to were do they get these flowers! After seeing the flowers around me…. I knew were she purchased all of it for those amazing magazine spreads. The good news is that now I got the “scoop” on who to call to get the good stuff.

Pink Anemones Pink Anemones

Cabbage Roses

Cherry Blossoms

Inside the flower market

Fringed Tulips


Hellebores (they had it in deep purple too, too bad I didn’t take a picture of it!)

Greens & Foliage

Peonies, Jasmine Vine and Ranunculus


Orange Ranunculus (don’t they scream put us in a bridal bouquet?)

Light Pink Center Ranunculus


Green Centered Ranunculus

Roses at Harvest (they carried the most amazing species from South America)

Scabiosa Pods and Yellow Billy Balls


Jeremy, the lead designer at David Beahm Design mentioned that most of the floral product at the NYC floral market travels for a period of 12 hours on average, hence the reason why the product looks so incredibly fresh. After being surrounded by such floral beauty all I needed was my floral knife, a vase and water. I couldn’t wait to start arranging! That is exactly what I did at David Beahm’s office along with sixteen other designers! Tomorrow on the blog (as I continue my little trip down memory lane),  the one and only David Beahm.