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The Chapel Designers got on the bus and went over to the Bronx we went…

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

It was Day 2 for the Chapel Designers and today was a day I’ve been asking Holly about since the first time I met David Beahm at his offices in NYC. It’s quite a beautiful office but as a designer I know that all floral and decor designers have a place were they  produce and get ready to create their designs…. and that’s were I wanted to go. I’ve been asking to go to David Beahm’s warehouse for the last two years… and Day 2 with the Chapel Designers was the day I have been eagerly awaiting for a long time.

So we got on the bus and went over to the Bronx. Not only did I get a tour of David Beahm’s warehouse, he explained large scale design but I also got to learn how Karen Tran puts together her amazing tall and lush designs along with learning how to create one of Francoise Week’s amazing woodland bouquets.

David Beahm

David Beahm up on the ladder explaining all about large scale design, ensuring the designs are safe and also how to make them. I have to say I love David Beahm, he is an out of this world designer and the best part…has no ego. Not only is he confident of his work and his designs but he also goes thru the same trials and tribulations that all business owners do. He is no different and he was candid enough to share it with us.


Large scale design by David Beahm…. it’s a 20′ long statement piece of cherry blossoms, hyacinths, roses and calla lilies. Words cannot describe how magnificent this piece was in person. It took three designers close to 5 hours to create and around 20 bales of cherry blossoms.  The scent reminded me of spring.


I have to say Michael and Vanessa deserve a medal for THE best hosts in all of NYC. New Yorkers are quite nice. They truly love their city… Vanessa and Michael, a husband and wife team that own Verde Flowers are the epitome of hard work, dedication and working hard to live your dream. Their shop flooded with four feet of water during hurricane Sandy.  They rebuilt and their shop is absolutely beautiful. I felt it was incredibly moving that Vanessa made it a point to bring her child to work (she even has a dedicated room for her son) in her shop. Vanessa and Michael… I had a wonderful time meeting both of you. Thank you for opening your shop to all 60 of us!

Flowers by VErde Flowers

Not only are Vanessa and Michael amazing hosts…. look at the arrangements they can create. This picture doesn’t do this beauty justice.

While rotating design stations after lunch I got the chance to create a woodlands bouquet with Francoise Weeks.

Woodlands Green and BouquetI went for the ombre effect with green dianthus, muscari, green hellebores, astarantia, seeded eucalyptus, green moss and whites…. fringe tulips, white clematis vine, and a few ranunculus.


And then there was Karen Tran, after a long day of learning I got to learn from the one and only Karen Tran. She created one of her iconic tablescapes. I was amazed to learn how petite Karen is and how quickly she can move, lift her arrangements like nobody’s business and do it all with grace… she even thought us how not to mess up your manicure! She has quite a bit of tricks up her sleeve and I do have to say…  she is quite the smart businesswoman too.

Photo Credit for all the amazing images goes to by Genevieve Leiper . All the ones that are a little blurry…. that would be by me.