How many appetizers should you serve during a cocktail hour?

Cocktail hours are really one of the most interesting parts of a wedding reception. It kicks off the evening and let’s your guests mingle prior to a sit down dinner. If you are having a one hour cocktail hour I suggest you serve four passed hor d’oeuvres. If you have a one and half cocktail reception prior to dinner (which is really the longest this should last) then I suggest you serve six passed hor ‘d oeuvres. Passed hor d’oeuvres should be bite sized, easy to pick up with one hand while the guest holds a drink with the other.  Make sure you pick a good mix of hot and cold hor d’oeuvres along with a good variety between beef, seafood, vegetarian and chicken.

Here is an example of what a good variety of hor d’oeuvres should look like:

A. Mini Lamb Chops with a Pesto aioli

B. Grilled Shrimp with a Chipotle Lime Sauce

C. Spinach Risotto Cake

D. Chicken Mini Empanadas with a tomato Salsa

Have your caterer present the hor d’oeuvres in a unique plate or vessel as Limelight Catering does in the picture below.

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