Cake Cutting Secret ~ Chicago Style

Sometimes in the spirit of keeping the wedding dinner flowing smoothly and letting the couple cut the wedding cake whenever they want a few venues have the baker make a fake cake. GASP!  Yes, the cake looks exactly like a real one but with the only exception that one layer of the tiered cake is real and the rest is…. not-so-real. It is done this way so the bride and groom can cut their cake at the end of dinner and the cake slices can magically appear a few minutes later from a sheet cake. It’s not always done this way, but for the most part I would say that 20% of the time it is.

Photo Credit: Marc Harris Photo

If you prefer to have a real cake and if this will be served as your dessert course, talk with your wedding planner and let her know. The planner will ask you to cut the cake before the first course is served or shortly thereafter. That way the kitchen staff can plate the cake slices and decorate the plate immediately afterwards and be ready to serve your guests their dessert. If you are not serving the wedding cake for dessert but on a sweet table, then there is really no rush to cut the cake at all.

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