Old Tradition of Cake Pull Charms

A few years back, a client of mine did a lovely bridal luncheon were the bridesmaids got to do a bridesmaids cake pull charms. Although, this tradition is a little “forgotten” out in Chicago (mostly because brides don’t know about it )  it is a great way to treat your bridesmaids to a luncheon and letting them know how much you appreciate each one of them as your friend.

Wedding charms date back to Victorian times. Tiny charms, typically made of silver with ribbons attached, were placed inside the  wedding cake. During the reception, the bridesmaids pulled the charms out of the cake. Each charm tells a fortune or predictions for the future and usually becomes a wedding keepsake for the attendants.

This little ceremony was called a “cake pull”, and it is still practiced today, but mostly in the South. Since most brides would rather have the attention centered on them (and who wouldn’t!) on the day of the wedding, I suggest you start the festivities a few days earlier and treat the bridesmaids to a bridal luncheon, were you can have the bridesmaids pull the charms from a small cake.

I found a few on etsy.com and weddingbellebridals.com

As they say what old is new… and this is one old tradition I would love to see make a comeback to Chicago.

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