What to wear to an engagement photo session ~ Interview with Elizabeth Sisson

I recently asked Liz Sisson a photographer with Orange2Photo in Chicago to answer a few questions in regards to engagement shoots and dressing appropriately for them.

First off, let’s hear a little about Liz’s background……

I’ve been a photographer most of my life and shooting around Chicago area for 15 years. My style is what I call photo editorial. I love capturing those unexpected moments but I also want to be engaged with my clients. I want them to be comfortable and natural. Weddings can be stressful, the photography or photographer shouldn’t add to that.

So with that in mind we asked Liz the following questions:

A. What should a bride wear during an engagement photo session?  What about the groom?

When brides ask me that, I usually say, wear something fun and cute and most of all that you are comfortable in. If you are futzing with it (always pulling it down or pulling it UP) maybe that isn’t the right thing to wear.  As for the groom, the same applies to him. If you don’t normally wear a button down shirt, don’t start now. With that said, Don’t wear your sweats. Thinking about going out after work on a Friday you look nice but you aren’t dressed to the nines. Save the really dressy for your wedding day. This is more about capturing you and your love. Choose colors that compliment each other , stay in the same contrast. I usually recommend staying away from really dark colors like black or really like like white.

B. Should the bride do her hair and makeup trail on the day of the engagement pictures?

I’d say if you are going to do the trail run the same day you do the engagement pictures have your hair dresser loosen it up a  little bit before the shoot, that way it’s still done but not like it’s going to be for your wedding. I prefer a more natural look for the engagement pictures. Same with the makeup, your wedding day makeup is naturally a bit heavier than you’d wear everyday. It’s got to stay on all day with a few touch ups.

C. How long does an engagement photo session usually take?

It depends but rarely more than an hour and a half. I try to hit locations that mean something to the couple , places that are fun.

Liz, thank you for  answering these questions. I love working with you and the team at Orange2Photo!

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