Important Steps to Take Before Meeting with Your Future Chicago Florist/Designer!

Are you and your partner currently looking into a florist for your big wedding or event?

Here are four important steps you should take beforehand in order to have a successful and smooth relationship with your future florist!

First, it is always a great idea to have your date picked out! Timing is everything in the floral world! The season and month of your event date can greatly determine the type of wedding or event you and your partner are envisioning! (And of course we help bring those visions to life!)

Second, it is important to have your venue picked out! This is essential to know, because it will help visualize the type of flowers and designs you want at your wedding. Decide if you want an indoor and outdoor wedding, or both! This will be crucial to know in advance.

Third, the amount of guests! Are you thinking of a small or big wedding/event? The amount of guests you have will play a significant role in determining how many center pieces you want per guest table.

The fourth and final step would be to bring some pictures of designs, floral arrangements that have truly caught your eye! For your first consultation meeting, bring some magazines, Pinterest ideas, past weddings or events you have loved. This will help determine your color theme, yes to gold candles, no to silver candles, etc! Lets get busy!

Feel free to give our studio a call if you have any questions or some inspiring ideas! We look forward to hearing from you!

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