Venue of the Week: Bridgeport Art Center

The special venue of the week is Bridgeport Art Center!

There are so many wonderful things to say about this venue. To start off, it is certainly an inspirational place to create, design, and share beautiful events at. There aren’t many venues quite like this one around the Chicago land area!

The Bridgeport Art Center features two astounding event spaces: The Skyline Loft and the Sculpture Garden Gallery. Both capture a strong level of urban elegance with touches of rustic feel all around. From the exposed brick in every corner to high ceilings and breathtaking city views, these two spaces can truly win the hearts of many.

Now the real question is, are you in favor of the Skyline Loft venue or a Sculpture Garden Gallery venue?!

The Skyline Loft, located on the second floor has the gorgeous city views and is completed with chandeliers that fill up the room. You can not go wrong with the free backdrop of the Chicago skyline, which your guests will love!

The Sculpture Garden Gallery, located on the first floor can give you both an indoor and outdoor setting. The garden setting is filled with historic brick arches along with an ivy garden feel to it. Not to mention, your guests will certainly admire the works of art that is filled with every inch of this space.

Love what you just read?! Feel free to give our studio a call if you have any questions or some inspiring ideas for your next wedding or event.

Bridgeport Art Center

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