5 Reasons to Schedule a Walk Through

Why schedule a walk through with your event planner and/or event designer? It’s a time to literally walk through the space where the guests would be coming, trouble shoot the plans that could work, and a time for the caterer, venue coordinator, and event designers to come together to achieve one goal. Walk throughs are important, because it will help ease up your stress on the day of your event. It’s also a good way to make your final decisions on guest counts. We will study the venue inside and out, know where to place things, and become knowledgable on the important steps we will need to take on hour by hour. This is also important to have, because it helps lead OUR team in the right direction for the day of the event.

1. Always bring a notebook – that is a must! You will definitely want to write down any new details that the venue coordinator stresses to you. You should also write down any questions or concerns and present them the day of your walk through. Communication is key and this would be the time to get out all of you questions, concerns, and preferences on what you’re envisioning!

2. Keep in mind a walk through is usually scheduled a month prior the event and might last anywhere from a half hour to an hour – depending on how big the venue is and how many questions and concerns need to be worked out. There’s no rush, your event stylist will want to make sure everything is all set in place as well.

3. If this walk through is wedding based – this is also the time to decide where you would want your cocktail hour and what size tables would fit best. Also, if you need to flip the room from ceremony to reception, deciding where to place storage, the direction of your aisle, location of head table is super important to go through with both the venue coordinator and event designer.

4. One of the most important details to lock down is to study the venue. Meaning, the measurements and dimensions you will need in order to fill the space. If you want a huge arch, center pieces, or bigger tables, now is the time to discover and decide all of those details.

5. LOGISTICS! You will 100% want to discuss the timing of the set up. Here are a few important questions to discuss:

- When would be a good time for your vendors to load in?

- You will want to schedule different load in times for your vendors, if everyone comes at once it will be too chaotic!

- This is important for the vendors; talk about what physically works and fits. Ex: will that 8 foot bar fit in the elevators? Now is the time to discuss those issues.

- If ordering linens, will everything be placed by the catering staff or will your event designer and their team have to set those up prior to everything else?

Remember, the outcome of a walk through can only help you and make your event more successful along with taking a bit of stress off for your big event.

Below are some pictures of before and after shots of the two venues we love to work with!

IMG_0278 IMG_0279

↑ Chez Event Space ↑

IMG_0275 IMG_0276

The University Club of Chicago ↑

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