Everybody Loves a Mock Up!

Happy Wednesday to my fellow Chicagoans!

Since it’s summer season and events are popping up left and right in the city of Chicago, that also means that it’s Mock Up season!

After you have envisioned what you truly want for your event – colors, linens, vases, candles picked out, it never hurts to schedule a mock up and a chance for you to come into our design studio to allow your mental visualization to come to life. This creates a chance to grow a more collaborative effort and relationship between the clients and event stylists.

Here is how a mock up works: After months of planning your event together, after you sign a contract and you ask yourself – what is the next step? A mock up is order! We put together a proposal and in this important document we list all of the types of flowers, and flower arrangements you wish to have at your event. Along with the different types of candles, votives, and vases that goes well with your flower arrangements. It’s also a great opportunity to measure out the scales of each table setting; see what fits best! Do you want taller or shorter vases?  Are the candles too close together, or do you want only clear glass vases instead of gold? This is the perfect time to figure out all of the logistics! For each section of the venue, I’m sure you have an idea of how you would want a table setting to look like. When it comes time to do a mock up, Exquisite Designs has the pleasure of putting together what that table you have been dreaming about day and night would look like!

What we would like to gain in doing a mock through is to see if the clients vision matches ours.  If not, we could make changes regarding the flower arrangements, colors, and table settings. Having a mock up can truly benefit both the event stylist and client, we want to be able to get it right and exceed your expectations.

Improving the designs for our client’s event is the main reason to host a Mock Up, and if our client is happy, that makes us happier.

Below are some pictures of Mock Ups we’ve held in our lovely studio. Feel free to give us a call if you would like more information or have some inspiring ideas!






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