Feeling Trendy? (And a Little Daring?) Darker Linens are for YOU!

If you’re looking to be on TREND with your big wedding and/or event:

Do you have a Fall or Winter event coming up? Warm things up with a velvet linen feel or a warm champagne tone. (Since it’s basically winter 9 months out of the year in Chicago.) Rich linen tones scream moody!

If your flowers are more on the dark side such as; reds, black cherry, and a lot of violet then it would be best to go with a moody blue vibe.

It is our job to help and remind you that deciding on linens is a huge decor decision and should not be over looked. Don’t be afraid to mix and match with colors! Your special day is all about what you and your partner envision. After all, Chicago is full of vibrant fun and creativity!

Also, don’t stray away from patterns and prints, not every table linen has to be with a pattern and print design, it’s all about the variation that can mix in really well and compliment your center pieces or the color of the flowers. Half the tables in the room can be with patterned linens and the other half can stay plain, sweet, and simple.

Another important advice! Do not use expensive linens everywhere, the best places to have them would be the head table or sweet heart table, escort card table, etc. Use them where the statement pieces will be placed and where a lot of the pictures will be taken.

Need inspiration? Give us a call at our studio or follow the BBJ instagram account for some great pictures to reference from.

Take a look at some of the work we have done in some of the most beautiful venues in the Chicago land area!

W CIty Center Hotel with Rich Red Flower Tones and Dark Linen

↑ Sarah Postma Photography  ↑

W City Center hotel - Bright Red, White Cake with Dark Linen Tone

↑ Sarah Postma Photography  ↑

Morton Aboretum- Various Blue Tones with touches of Light flowers

↑ Artiste Photography  ↑

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