This week in my garden……

I’ve gotten a lot of questions over the years about my garden and how big it is. Well truth be told, I actually don’t have a huge garden. It’s more like a plot of land around 50′ by 20′ that is on the side of my house. It started about four years ago on my quest to grow dahlias that didn’t look like they had been thru war on their way to Chicago via California.

The growing bug took a hold of me and kept going. I’m not out there all the time since I do have a full time job in addition to being a mom. BUT I do enjoy gardening.

It’s still pretty darn cold and windy in Chicago. But we’ve had quite a few bouts of warm weather. It is April after all. The forsythia branches already bloomed and if the frost gets them one more time they will be gone. Nonetheless, one of my favorite flowers is starting to bloom… Hellebores is quite the resilient flower. It loves the cold weather and it last quite a long time once it blooms.

Gardening is about being patient and waiting for the moment to reap what you sow. I promise you these gardening posts will get better as the weather warms up and the year moves along.



Next week, I’ll talk about my sweet peas who need to go in the ground (rain or shine!) this coming weekend.


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