The Lonely Bouquet

Last June 29th I decided to jump the gun and celebrate the International Lonely Bouquet a day early. It was somewhat of a crazy day trying to get ready for our weekend weddings but thankfully I had arrived to the studio two hours early and was thinking…. I got some time to kill, maybe I do have time after all to make a complete stranger a little happy.

The Lonely Bouquet is a pretty basic concept….  1) pick flowers fresh from the garden or in my case straight from the floral cooler, 2) arrange the flowers in a small, simple vase… a broody vase did the trick this time around, 3) add a signature “take me!” tag, and 4) leave the bouquet  arrangement behind for a lucky person to take home. The only reasoning behind it is to make someone happy. It’s my stop and smell the roses moment. I decided to leave the bouquet in the steps leading to Elizabeth Grace in Lincoln Park gorgeous paper boutique. I thought it’s the perfect place with lots of foot traffic and beautiful things all over the place.

I didn’t even tell Laura (Elizabeth Grace’s owner) I was going to do this in hopes that maybe she (or one of her employees) would be the recipient  and it would make their day. I do have to say I put my heart and soul into this bouquet. It is somewhat odd to put so much effort into a bouquet of flowers that will go to a total stranger…. and I didn’t even know if it would be picked up!

What happened to the bouquet?

From what Laura the owner at Elizabeth Grace told me it was passed by many people thinking they had to pay for the flowers. Others thought the flowers were just forgotten out there. But things to have their rightful owners….that person just needs to come along. The owner of the little bouquet did come along…. two little girls with their Mom got it. Laura mentioned that the mother was so touched by the idea that she teared up a little. I’m glad she loved it and I most certainly hope they enjoyed it.

 The lonely bouquet

So what flowers were in our lonely bouquet…… It was actually quite the floral gold mine of novelty flowers. This little stunner had dahlias, blush calla lilies, white anemones with black centers (one of our signature flowers), veronicas, sweetpeas, delphiniums. billy balls, dusty miller, freesias and ranunculus.

If you want to learn more about the lonely bouquet or the concept visit their website. We will of course set out other Lonely Bouquets. So be on the lookout.

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  5. Laura Says:

    This was an absolutely stunning bouquet! I have to be honest and say I came quite close to adopting for my own…I had read about the Lonely Bouquet and thought it was amazing. The idea of just doing something to make someone happy is pretty great. “Random acts of kindness” never cease to impress me. I cannot tell you how touched I was that my dear, sweet friend Alex would leave this on our doorstep (and now reading her post feel like I should have adopted that lovely bouquet!), but I also thought that it had made me happy, and somehow this gorgeous bunch of flowers could do more. I think they did, a lot of people saw them, talked about them and smiled as we chatted about the Lonely Bouquet, and then they went home with a new family. Flowers are pretty amazing. thanks Alex! xoxo

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