Chapel Designers Bouquet Menagerie

My Chapel Designer friends and I decided to do a little progressive blog post were you can find all of our lovely bouquets, and we have so many lovely bouquets to choose from.  This past weekend one of our designers created a stunning peonies bouquet, it was one of my favorites. But as much as I love peonies, I love anemones a lot more. Anemones, anything purple and of course anything with peonies. Here is a few of my favorites bouquets to date.


Peonies and sweetpeas

White Roses and White Anemones bouquet

Purple Bridal Bouquet

These next three bouquets were created by Victoria Clausen from Romance of Flowers I absolutely love the classic glamelia bouquet below. It’s stunning.

Glamelia bouquet by Romance of Flowers

Fall Bridal Bouquet by Romance of Flowers

Rosen Wedding Balitmore

This post gets even better….. you get to see so many more bouquets from Chapel Designers all over the US. Enjoy and be inspired by all the different styles!

Holly Heider Chapple Flowers LTD:

Celebration Florals:

Gertie Maes:

Soiree Floral:

Colonial House:

Stacy K Floral:

Wild Bunch Studio:


Alicia Jayne Florals:

Goodness-Gracious! Florals:

Urban Petals:


Wild Bunch Studio:


On Butterfly Wings


Alluring Blooms

Posh Floral Designs:

Francoise Weeks:


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  12. Annette Says:

    I am loving going to all these blogs…. it inspires me so much. I love the first bouquet on yours in the soft pinks and whites… it is absolutely stunning, but all of them are very pretty

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