Lessons Learned from 2009 Brides for 2010 Brides

As a wedding planner in Chicago I get to see lots of things behind the scenes. On some occasions I have so many stories from just one wedding I could write a book. So it’s that time of the year when past brides get to give future brides (hello 2010 brides!) a few pointers on the school of wedding planning hard knocks.

A. Repeat with with me ” My Wedding” Plan the wedding that you want, not what your mother wants, not what your mother-in-law wants, not the wedding your BFF wanted even though she eloped. Break the vicious cycle, tell your Mom, BFF or MIL they had their chance and now it’s your turn. Plan the wedding that you want…so once again repeat with me ” My Wedding”.

B. If the venue / ballroom you chose for your reception only holds 200 guests don’t invite 300 guests and pray (yes I say pray because hope has gone out the window at this point) you will only have 200. Extend an invitation to the amount of guests that will fit comfortably in the space. Your guests will be happy they have enough personal real estate to enjoy and your caterer will perform flawlessly.

C. When your planner tells you to stay away from a vendor. Stay far away from the vendor!

D. Please get the seamstress to fit your wedding gown correctly. A fitted gown means fitted…a little snug which will let the fabric stretch as you move in it through out the day. A fitted gown means you will not spend the entire evening pulling, tugging or adjusting it.

E. Don’t sweat the small stuff or drown in a glass of water. That’s why you hired the planner, let them worry about it. Enjoy your wedding day. It will go by in the blink of an eye.

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