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Flower I’m loving now… Tulips!

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

Yep, I’m loving tulips. It’s a spring flower but some of the best stuff is not only grown in California but when it comes to tulips Holland is the champ.  I certainly love my share of tulips. You see florists love them because they have these beautiful long and smooth stems. Tulips are phototropic which means they grow towards the light. Pretty cool right?! If you ever get yourself a bunch of tulips give them a fresh cut and put them in cold (I repeat…. COLD if you want them to last long) water. They drink quite a bit after that first cut so your tulips will grow about an inch. Don’t believe me? Try it.

One of the reasons florists love tulips is because with a little love and skilled handling I can bend their stems and do fun designs like this design. The stems are bent at a 90 and then 45 degrees angle so it follows the glass vase. How did I get them to stand on their own? I’ll keep that little secret in my vault of tricks.

Next time you see tulips at your grocery store make sure that they are blooms are tightly closed (that means they are fresh!), crisp green leaves. If you happen to see a parrot tulip, double tulip (it has so many petals it almost looks like peony), french (beautiful long stems) or fringed (petals look like they have a little fringe at the ends) you are in luck!

Centerpiece of white tulips

By the way, if you love gardening now is the time to plant those tulip bulbs!

From Mockup to Centerpiece on Wedding Day!

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post around here. Time to dust the keyboard, download some pictures and start posting. It’s been busy around the studio with meeting clients, ordering flowers, testing rose varieties, creating mockups, submitting to national blogs, growing a few flowers (and using quite a few of them for our designs), designing some pretty centerpieces and working on our newest venture The Flower School of Chicago….. more on that later!

I’m always trying to write a good blog post were we all can learn a few things and make the world a little better place by sharing a little bit of what I’ve learned from my years in the industry. Today I’m going to talk about our process from mockup to what clients see on wedding day. After a client hires us we create a full scale mockup of one of their centerpieces….linens, chairs and pretty flowers. Clients are invited back to our studio to see a what one of their tables will look like on the day of their event.

Wedding Centerpiece of hydrangeas, dahlias, blush flowers

Mockup at our studio for our client Katie who was having her reception at Galleria Marchetti. She loved pale pinks, whites, creams and anything blush. We paired it with soft gold tablecloths and mercury glass candleholders. Speaking about those candleholders we originally had pillar candles on her proposal, but after tweaking things a little Katie and her Mom decided they preferred these mercury glass candleholders. So we made a change!

Blush Wedding Flowers by Exquisite Designs at Galleria Marchetti in Chicago

It’s wedding day and her mockup translated to her centerpieces at Galleria Marchetti. We left right before the lighting company was starting to pin spot the centerpieces. Katie was able to breathe a little easier knowing that we made tweaks to her mockup and on wedding day she was pleasantly surprised to see her vision come to life. We did leave one surprise for her….. her bridal bouquet was quite the stunner.

Blush Bridal BouquetPhotography by Katie Kett Photography 

Although not all of our clients have budgets to create a mockup we certainly love to do them, it’s a place to tweak things, if needed or give it a final blessing before we go into production.