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Woodland Designs Class and Francoise Weeks coming to Chicago April 8th and 9th

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

Are you a floral designer looking to learn new techniques and mechanics ? Are you looking to stand out from the crowd and offer unique designs for your wedding couples or looking to provide unusual installations for a hotel lobby? Now is your chance.  Francoise Weeks who lives and works in Portland Oregon will be coming to Chicago on April 8th and 9th to each a workshop on Woodland Designs and Botanical Couture.

Class is limited to 12 students and will be taking place at our studio located at 2010 W. Fulton Suite F248 in Chicago. Cross streets are Damen and Fulton Avenue.

For additional information on the topics that will be discussed, pricing and tools to bring please click on the link Francoise Weeks in Chicago or to RSVP please call 503-236-5829 or email





About Francoise Weeks

Born in Belgium, where flowers are an integral part of everyday life, Francoise trained with florists in Antwerp. She has done hundreds of weddings since 1996 and has translated her passion for nature and the garden into a distinctive, lush and textural style. Through the imaginative use of flowers, herbs, fruits and foliages , Francoise is highly skilled at translating fresh ideas into exquisite reality.

I had the pleasure of meeting Francoise during my yearly trip with the Chapel Designers out to NYC last March. I was able to take a brief workshop on woodland bouquets and I was amazed at all the mechanics I was able to learn in a small amount of time from her which I’m able to translate into my own designs.



The Flower I’m loving now…… Hellebores!

Friday, January 10th, 2014

After the arctic blast we’ve had this week I wanted to let you know about a flower that loves the cold weather. In true spectacular fashion it blooms when the weather is cold. Also known as the Christmas Rose, Lenten Rose or most commonly know as Hellebores. It’s a favorite of florists everywhere (although I must say this every week). Hellebores come in a wide array of colors…. white, green, burgundies, purples, blacks, bi colors and some of the most beautiful color combinations.

Although a lot of florists love them, many avoid them as they are not as easy to take care of as a cut flower. You see hellebores love water. Actually they love water more than hydrangeas. You will know when a hellebore is not quite happy because the entire stem loses suspension…. meaning the entire stem goes limp. If you have some in your yard, give them a fresh cut create an X as you cut them. The stems will split and water will be able to go up the stems. If you are a florist and looking to work with hellebore I suggest you begin with a variety called Christmas Glow.  Cut Hellebores last around 5 to 7 days…. if you have a plant they should last you even longer.

IMG_0829This hellebores variety is absolutely stunning.  Handtied Bouquet by Ariella Chezar during my Chapel Designers trip to NYC in 2013.

Green Hellebore

Purple Hellebores

IMG_1072Green or Christmas Glow Hellebore Variety

Hellebores-mimosa-and-TulipsTulips, Mimosa, Dusty miller and Hellebores!

The flower I’m loving now….. Anemones

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

Oh yes, pretty little anemones how I love you thee. It is prime anemones season in the US. Anemones are that white flower with the black centers, the one that nobody can seem to pronounce correctly.  They are indeed a novelty and is definitely a popular flower. Most clients request for it year round but unfortunately it’s not a year round flower. They love the cold weather. When cut and put in an arrangement the flower’s petals will close in the cold and open when the environment is warm.

Anemones bruise easily, hence why they don’t travel so well. Out of ten stems in a bunch on a good day 8 of them will be good enough to use on a design…. on a bad day half of the bunch will be worthless.  The stems are hollow and soft.

Anemones come in a wide array of colors….. purple, red, lavender, light pink, orange, blue, burgundy, white with black centers, white with green centers (this is a hard one to find!) and blush. They are (unfortunately) not available in yellow.


Pink anemones

Orange anemones

Can you see the orange anemones almost jumping out at the wholesale flower market?

White Roses and White Anemones bouquet

Just a few white anemones in a bridal bouquet make a huge impact


White anemone with a green center