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Aisle Runners

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Let’s talk aisle runners shall we?

Aisle runners are an economical way to “dress up” the aisle and bring in an old wedding tradition. In case you didn’t, know aisle runners were used many many moons ago when the aisle at the church was not in the most pristine condition (it was really dirty) and it was unrolled so the bride could walk down the aisle without getting her gown soiled. A very clever idea that we continue to use to this day.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using aisle runners as they should not be used at all times. If the church, temple or venue has hardwood or stone floors forget using an aisle runner. The runner can become a tripping hazard as it wouldn’t be properly anchored to the floor. You could use double sided tape but it would still be a tripping hazard. Other places were to avoid aisle runners…. the great outdoors. Putting cloth over grass, sand or ground that is not level is just not a good idea. If you want to decorate the aisle use petals down the aisle or use floral arrangements on the sides of the aisle. Remember the last thing you want to be doing as you walk down the aisle is fall.

The Original Runner Co. is one of my favorite aisle runner companies, they make custom runners, they have different colors and nothing beats a quality aisle runner.

Out of town Totes

Monday, May 17th, 2010

The stationery show is taking place this week out in New York City. Unfortunately I can’t make it this year but I’m definitely looking at a few things online that have caught my eye such as these totes from Gooseberry Press Your guests will definitely keep these well after the wedding is over.

Children at your Chicago Wedding

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Having kids at your wedding reception is like champagne, you either have it or you don’t. There really is no in between. So if you do decide to have children at your wedding reception here are a few pointers to keep them entertained.

Know your guests ~ Know the children ages and their names. Put a special welcome packet for them with their name and something they will enjoy such as coloring books with crayons, tiaras for the girls, match cars for boys,  and anything that will keep them entertained is always welcomed.  If you are having them all seat at a “kids table” then do away with the floral centerpiece and provide a candy centerpiece with jellybeans, whirly pops, pop rocks candy for the boys and ring pops for the little ladies.

Provide a special menu for them ~ Most caterers or hotels are ready for those special underage guests. Provide a simple but fun menu for them such as a peanut butter and jelly mini sandwiches with carrots and celery sticks as a starter course. Follow it with chicken tenders and fries (ketchup is a must have!). For dessert, nobody can pass up on warm chocolate chip cookies and milk.

One last little piece of advice, ask the caterer to bring the food during the first course if possible. When the parents’ food arrives they will be able to enjoy their food vs. trying to help their child with their food. Happy kids mean happy parents!

Rehearsal Dinners (aka..Outings) in Chicago

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

I’m all about traditional rehearsal dinners were everyone meets at a restaurant after the ceremony rehearsal. But if you are one of the many getting married during the summer months make sure you seize the weather. Different alternatives abound in our city  to take your wedding party and out of town guests to a fun location in Chicago. Here are two suggestions for a rehearsal dinner/outing :

Last Friday I was invited to one of Wrigleyville’s newest rooftop called Ivy League Baseball Club to watch the Chicago Cubs baseball game.  The view of the field was absolutely magnificent, the food and the service were outstanding. This is what I call the perfect location for a rehearsal outing or better yet; do a brunch with your out of town guests the day after the wedding. Who said the party stops at midnight?! Everyone can take a breather, enjoy the sights, eat some food and cheer the Cubs. I highly recommend it.

Look at the view from the rooftop!

Another great way to share with your closest friends and family is a trip to the bowling alley. One of my favorite locations in Chicago is Lucky Strike You can bowl, play billards and get everyone to have a little fun before the wedding day. They have a pretty laid back menu which ensures you don’t repeat the same food two days in a row. Ready, Set……Bowl!