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Flower Book I’m loving now….

Monday, April 11th, 2016

Inspiration is all around us, this year I was happy to pick up a copy of Ariella Chezar’s new book called “The Flower Workshop” It is filled with images of gorgeous flowers, unusual vines and plenty of compotes. Its got eye candy galore!

If you love to grow flowers that are hard to find this book is beaming with quite a few of those. Akebia vine aka chocolate vine will be one of this year’s garden acquisitions alongside poppies, dahlias, zinnias and love in a puff vine.

Ariella Chezar The Flower Workshop Book

Flower I’m loving now… Tulips!

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

Yep, I’m loving tulips. It’s a spring flower but some of the best stuff is not only grown in California but when it comes to tulips Holland is the champ.  I certainly love my share of tulips. You see florists love them because they have these beautiful long and smooth stems. Tulips are phototropic which means they grow towards the light. Pretty cool right?! If you ever get yourself a bunch of tulips give them a fresh cut and put them in cold (I repeat…. COLD if you want them to last long) water. They drink quite a bit after that first cut so your tulips will grow about an inch. Don’t believe me? Try it.

One of the reasons florists love tulips is because with a little love and skilled handling I can bend their stems and do fun designs like this design. The stems are bent at a 90 and then 45 degrees angle so it follows the glass vase. How did I get them to stand on their own? I’ll keep that little secret in my vault of tricks.

Next time you see tulips at your grocery store make sure that they are blooms are tightly closed (that means they are fresh!), crisp green leaves. If you happen to see a parrot tulip, double tulip (it has so many petals it almost looks like peony), french (beautiful long stems) or fringed (petals look like they have a little fringe at the ends) you are in luck!

Centerpiece of white tulips

By the way, if you love gardening now is the time to plant those tulip bulbs!

Flower I’m loving now….. Acacia

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

It’s that time of the year when spring just cannot get to us fast enough… That time of the year when I’ve had enough of winter and I see to gravitate towards anything that is yellow and happy. Thankfully Acacia, wattle or most commonly known around fun flower circles as “mimosa” is blooming.  It’s one of those flowers that I wished  was available year round. Acacia is actually part of a wattle tree and comes in branches.

It has a wonderful fragrance and it blooms at this time of the year for a limited time only (darn!).  Acacia loves water, but can be used in floral foam. The trick with acacia is that when its not in used you must cover it with a plastic bag so it doesn’t dry out….at least when it’s in the cooler!

Close up of mimosa

The Flower I’m loving now…… Hellebores!

Friday, January 10th, 2014

After the arctic blast we’ve had this week I wanted to let you know about a flower that loves the cold weather. In true spectacular fashion it blooms when the weather is cold. Also known as the Christmas Rose, Lenten Rose or most commonly know as Hellebores. It’s a favorite of florists everywhere (although I must say this every week). Hellebores come in a wide array of colors…. white, green, burgundies, purples, blacks, bi colors and some of the most beautiful color combinations.

Although a lot of florists love them, many avoid them as they are not as easy to take care of as a cut flower. You see hellebores love water. Actually they love water more than hydrangeas. You will know when a hellebore is not quite happy because the entire stem loses suspension…. meaning the entire stem goes limp. If you have some in your yard, give them a fresh cut create an X as you cut them. The stems will split and water will be able to go up the stems. If you are a florist and looking to work with hellebore I suggest you begin with a variety called Christmas Glow.  Cut Hellebores last around 5 to 7 days…. if you have a plant they should last you even longer.

IMG_0829This hellebores variety is absolutely stunning.  Handtied Bouquet by Ariella Chezar during my Chapel Designers trip to NYC in 2013.

Green Hellebore

Purple Hellebores

IMG_1072Green or Christmas Glow Hellebore Variety

Hellebores-mimosa-and-TulipsTulips, Mimosa, Dusty miller and Hellebores!

The flower I’m loving now…. Japanese Sweetpeas

Thursday, December 19th, 2013

A new feature on our Exquisite Designs blog will be teaching our followers a little bit about the flowers that we use in for our events. One thing that sets us apart is our use of unique flowers or what we call in the floral industry “novelty” product. Novelty product is hard to find, usually unique in color and not sold by everyone in the wholesale markets. To find novelty product you have to get away from your  usual confines and go find it!

Today’s novelty product or flower that I’m loving now are Japanese Sweetpeas. They do come from Japan (I wonder what gave it away!) but the unique item about these flowers is that unlike their US grown sweet peas these have really long stems. Sweetpeas are grown in vines, Japanese sweet peas have stems that are usually 12 to 14″ long. Locally grown sweet peas have stems that are usually  6″ to 10″ in length.  They love to drink water and are long lasting.  Since they travel a little further to get to us they are a little pricier too…. but they are so worth it.

Spring Compote

Can you see the sweetpeas coming out on the right hand side and the top of this gorgeous compote?

Blush Japanese Sweetpeas

Look at the length on those stems. Perfect for bouquets, compotes or even elevated centerpieces!

Close up of Japanese Sweetpeas

Sweetpeas are available in a huge array of colors… from white, to blush, coral  all the way to deep purples and burgundies. The best part about them is their sweet smell.  Japanese sweet peas will be available from now til the early April.